Plot renewal

By | December 6, 2021

We have established a healthy waiting list for plots.  If you plan on giving up your plot this year would you let me know?  

I have had several enquiries contacting me regularly about the status of available plot.  If you would like to give it up earlier than March please contact me, Debbra Tullah,

If we receive any fees towards this year’s rent, then we will reimburse you the full amount that we receive. 


By | December 6, 2021

£3 of your annual plot fees goes to the National Society Allotments and Leisure Gardens, NSALG,  membership.  This membership awards each plotholder access to the NSALG site which provides us with various benefits.  The membership login details was provided to you in your welcome pack.  The other benefit is each plotholder has individual personal liability insurance.  Information about this insurance can be viewed via this link

We also carry general allotment insurance for the site incase of vandalism or storm damage to the structures and public liability.

Blew me top off

By | November 9, 2021

Thought I’d take a look at my plot as we had some stormy weather the weekend and I wanted to check that my ground covering plastic was still in place. It was, but looks like the lid blew off one of my compost daleks. A quick search didn’t find it but I did notice from other plots what I probably should have done. I should have weighted it down with some bricks. Strange thing is that when I wanted to get into it, I really struggled. Won’t be struggling any more I guess. Dug a few Leeks while I was there but the remainder just don’t seem to be fattening up. More feed next year.

Season End

By | October 12, 2021

Have to say it’s a bit solitary up at the allotments at this time of year. Still, over a couple of weeks I have managed to dig, weed, rake, and cover the beds ready for next year. Whatever that brings. Hopefully not more weeds. Still have my Leeks to harvest, but that’s all that remains and they will be picked soon, if only they fill out a bit more.

Main Crop

By | September 11, 2021

According to the bag, harvest time for Maris Piper is Sept/Oct but I admit that I was getting worried. Looked more like a weed patch than a potato bed. My fault, as I have not spent as much time on the plot recently, than I would have liked. Not too disappointed though. Would they have been bigger if I had left them in for another month?

Last night’s rain helped soften the ground to make the job easier. Now all I have to do is to prepare the patch for next year. A job for next week maybe?