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National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd

The National Allotment Society is the leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK

Wm Wheat & Son

Our aim is to make sure that the flowers and plants we offer are the best your money can buy, healthy, full of life and worth the price you pay. Our reputation together with over 80 years’ experience in growing and service means that you won’t have to settle for second best

D T Brown Seeds

Mail order seeds and supplies

Shenstone Parish Council

The allotments are situated in, and supported by, the Parish Council that serves Shenstone, Stonnall and Little Aston

Effects of Glysophate on our health, and our environment. Be aware

Really useful website for allotment holders, vegetable growers and gardeners with lots and lots of advice, tips, dozens of articles, recipes, and even a section on keeping chickens & poultry.