Monthly Jobs

Below are ideas for allotment jobs as posted monthly 2020-21. The ideas listed are just that, ideas. More ideas (should you need any) can be found at various websites such as the National Allotment Society and Gardeners’ World to name but two.

August: top jobs

The month of plenty. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society Harvest broad, french and runner beanssecond early potatoeslettuce, beetroot, turnips.onions, leeks. marrows, courgettes, squashestomatoes, peppers, chillies, aubergines Water every day particulary courgettes and french/runner beans. They grow very quicky in August and remember to feed pumpkins if you want to win Halloween…

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September: top jobs

Autumn approaches. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society. Harvest remaining summer fruit and vegetables. If weather turns, bring green tomatoes indoors to ripen. Plant out Hardy winter lettuce, spinach, onions and spring cabbage to overwinter. Cover late crops with cloche/fleece.Add everything you can to compost bin.Prepare vacant ground leaving rough dug.

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October: top jobs

Autumn. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society. Most crops will have been harvested by now, but there may be pumpkins, squashes and maincrop potatoes left. Time to get them in.Any veg past their best, chop them up and put into compost bin.Broad bean seeds can be sowed ready for next year.Clear empty…

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November: top jobs

The month to be ready with sharp secateurs. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society. Prune soft fruit bushes now they are dormant, and before it gets too cold.Dig over your plot, remove weeds, and add organic material before covering with polythene, carpet or cardboard to protect from heavy rain.Remove all nets, unless…

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December: top jobs

With Christmas nearly upon us, you may well have other things to occupy your mind. But if you’ve time to spare, there’s still stuff to do on the allotment. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society. Harvest leeks, autumn and winter brassicas, and root vegetables such as parsnips and turnips. Brussels sprouts can…

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January: top jobs

Next month will become rather busy, so be prepared. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society. If you haven’t yet dug over your plot, and the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged, then now is the time. If you have already done this, spread compost or well-rotted manure and be sure to cover with…

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February: top jobs

The weather can turn at any point so you will be limited as to what you can do on the allotment. Choose your days, and keep digging to improve soil and cover to warm up. For detailed advice try out the National Allotment Society. Sow seeds now particularly if you have a greenhouse, but if…

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March: top jobs

The weather might look inviting, but winter is far from over. Hard frosts, snow and cold winds are just as likely as mild sunny days this month. Some suggestions below but for more ideas, take a look at the National Allotment Society. Rake seedbeds ready for sowing.Apply fertilizer/compost (organic preferred).Start weeding, digging out perennials and…

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April: top jobs

“April showers bring May flowers”. After all that hard work, the preparation is complete; seedlings are shooting; plots are ready; days are longer; and the weather is warmer . . . all systems are GO BUT BEWARE March may well be the transition month from Winter to Spring, but to be sure, there are bound…

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May: top jobs

First month of summer, or last month of spring? Your choice but above all else, be aware of frost. I lost all my runner beans in May last year. Having said that, if mild weather, now would be the time to sow outdoors. Some suggestions below but for more ideas, take a look at the…

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June: top jobs

The forecast is that summer weather looks likely to elude us for a while. The first week of June will start warm and sunny but there will be a growing chance of scattered afternoon showers. After this, it looks like it will be staying cool with a changeable weather pattern. All the books say (that’s…

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July: top jobs

Midsummer. Generally regarded as the warmest month of the year. Produce will be readily available now with early potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, turnips and a host of salad including radishes and outdoor tomatoes. Bolting is our worst enemy. This is where plant energy is diverted into flower heads before the produce has had chance to…

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