June: top jobs

By | June 1, 2021

The forecast is that summer weather looks likely to elude us for a while. The first week of June will start warm and sunny but there will be a growing chance of scattered afternoon showers. After this, it looks like it will be staying cool with a changeable weather pattern.

21June – Summer Solstice

All the books say (that’s my get-out clause) that there is very little likelihood of a frost now, so any tender indoor seedlings can be moved outside. Seeds can also be planted directly into the warmer soil.

Broad beans should be ready to harvest and, from the end of the month, early potatoes – can’t wait.

Keep on top of those pesky weeds by regular hoeing. This also helps to loosen the soil to allow water to seep deeper down to the roots. Talking of which, lots of watering (depending upon the weather) and the occasional feed to keep in good health.

Net peas, cabbages and fruit bushes to deter hungry birds, and keep a watch out for aphids, particularly on broad beans (always seem to get mine).

For further detail, why not take a look at the National Allotment Society website.