By | March 22, 2024

Unfortunately, the repair of the front gate that was reported in the last newsletter appears to have been only only temporary.  The right side of the front (bottom) gate is broken.  Please do not attempt to close the front gate.  I have informed the land agent, developer, and the farmer about the gate and request that they do not attempt to close the gate until the gate has been replaced or repaired.  It is the landowner’s responsibility to repair or replace the gates.  We have kept the land agent informed of any and all issues we have with the gates.  Plus we have multiple of times tried to make repairs of the gates.  

If the gate was closed, we would struggle with closing it, as you need to lift it slide the lock bar across. 

The top gate should always be closed and locked if you are the last person on the allotments to leave.   

If you are alone at the allotments, and feel vulnerable, you can close the top gate while you are there.