By | April 15, 2020

Temporary Change to Gate Locking Procedure:

We have contacted the landowner and she has agreed to a temporary change on “the locking of the bottom gate at all times” policy to reduce the risk of transference of potential COVID-19.  

The first person who arrives at the allotments when the gates are locked, should open the gate and leave it open. When you leave the allotments if there is no one else there, both gates must be locked.  Hence the treatment of the bottom gate is like that of the top gate.  

If you are in doubt if you are the last person, then assume you are the last person.

Any violation of this, meaning if the gates are accidentally left opened over night or during the day when no one else is there, we will lose this temporary change to the locking of the bottom gate.

Please help us keep this change in place and stay safe.