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A Winter’s Tale

By | February 5, 2024

Winter is the time for us allotmenteers to sit back, relax, but most importantly, plan. So we’re told. Saw this interesting article in the newspaper that is worth a look (click right) if only to try to ‘connect’ to this seemingly dormant period of the growing season.  And a neat video I found via the National… Read More »

Bean and gone

By | May 13, 2023

So, I usually start my runner beans off in trays in my south-facing back garden. But this year, hardly any have come through. Have I watered too much, or not enough? Are my beans ‘old’? Do bean seeds (or any seeds) have a lifespan after which they aren’t any good? I truly don’t know but… Read More »

It begins . . . .

By | April 4, 2023

2023 Season: After several weeks of chitting, seed potatoes are in. Two rows of 10 each Pentland Javelin for harvesting Jun/Jul, and 3 rows of 9 each Desiree for harvesting Sep/Oct. Also planted some onion sets. Several dozen in fact as last years crop lasted all through the winter (Sturon and Red Onion). Next up:… Read More »

Free Compost

By | February 10, 2023

I posted last March that there was plenty of free horse manure to be had locally. I duly filled both of my compost daleks and left it to rot down. It reduced in volume by a half over the summer and so I topped one of them up with weeds and unwanted greens removed during… Read More »