Children on Allotments

By | March 23, 2020

We appreciate that for some of you the decision to temporarily not allow children on the allotments is a difficult one.  That is why we have now revised this decision to allow children on the allotments under the following conditions: 

  1. Children must be kept under strict supervision.
  2. Children will only be allowed on their own plot
  3. Children, as all of us, must practice social distancing from all others.
  4. Children must under no circumstances touch the water tanks.

Parental responsibility will be essential at this time.

We must think of the safety of everyone.  Children love being around people and can easily pass on infections, not just to other plot holders, but also to your own family members.  

This is not an easy time for anyone.  It seems surreal for the majority of us and difficult to comprehend.  The reality of it is that 4% of those who catch the virus will become critically ill.  Many people on the allotments have family members or themselves with underlying health conditions or are recovering from cancer.  This puts them at jeopardy.   The vulnerable isn’t age specific.  

Let’s all work together to make sure this works so we can all continue to enjoy our allotments.  We may have to revisit this decision if the above simple precautions aren’t followed.  

Thank you for your cooperation.