By | March 21, 2020

During these precarious times, the allotments offer a special place of refuge.  I am sure most of us are welcoming the extra time that we can spend at our allotments.   However, we still must follow the government guidelines about how to stay healthy, and advise the following:

  1. Please take precaution when opening and closing the gates.
  2. Please keep a safe distance, at least 6 feet, 2 arms length apart, when interacting with others.
  3. Don’t share any tools.
  4. If using any of the tools in the shed, please use your gardening gloves, as it is less likely that you touch your face with your gardening gloves, which reduces the chance of spreading infection.
  5. Don’t allow any visitors on the site. 
  6. We think it is best that children are not allowed on the site at this time.  Children love to run around the allotments and will come closer to those most vulnerable.  This is for our own safety. 
  7. The toilet should be use for emergencies only as we do not have the capability for full sanitisation.  If you must use the toilet, remember you use it at your own risk.

We have received advice from the NSALG  concerning coronavirus while at the allotments.

Don’t let this put you off going to the allotments.  There isn’t a better time then now to be there.  But please, please just be careful.  Your health is the most important thing.  If we all practise some common sense, we can all enjoy the benefits of the allotments and still feel part of a social community.