Diary of an accidental plot holder

By | March 1, 2021

So, with the unseasonably warm weather, I was all itching to get started. Bought some propagator covers for my trays and in went my seeds for leeks, broad beans and cabbage. The bedroom, on a chest of draws, by the window seemed the best place. Well, now I know that this was way too warm with way too little sunlight. Within 10 days, the cabbage seeds had shot up and promptly keeled over under their own weight. Start again, this time outside and under cover.

The only things left inside now are my potatoes. I have Pentland Javelin (first earlies) and Maris Piper (main crop). Seems odd that the first earlies are chitting slower than the main crop. Couple of weeks yet anyhow. Fingers crossed.

On the plot, I have started to prepare the beds. Just one hour every couple of days is making a difference but where on earth do all the weeds come from. The beds that were covered over were ok, but the exposed areas where I had run out of plastic, have suffered from these perennial pests. Technically, it’s my back that’s suffered, not the beds themselves. I found out my gardening gloves from the basket on the back of my bicycle but I think something had got there before me (note to self: pack gloves away at end of season).

There are a few plot holders about, heralding the onset of spring. All busy digging and raking and generally tidying up. I’m trying to get as much done as I can while I am enthusiastic, and in case (and until) the weather turns.