Seed potatoes in

By | April 13, 2021

At last some decent weather (not snowing) allowed me to get my spuds in. Maris Piper main crop in three rows. So, for speed, I roughly divided my seed potatoes into 3 and started planting one row at a time as I was running out of space for the soil. In went the first row of 9, back-filling the trench as I went. Roughly divided the remaining potatoes into two and repeat . . . but this time only 8. Final trench had 7. Something went wrong somewhere. Would have been better with 3 rows of eight?

I started some broad bean seeds undercover and frankly wasn’t expecting much, and wasn’t that bothered either as I find the only thing they are good for is attracting all the blackfly from surrounding plots. Anyway, up they come, so they have had to go in. Should be hardy enough (I’m told).

I also planted some runner bean seeds (undercover) a couple of weeks ago. Maybe 3. Top tip from plot24 (today) is that seeds should probably be planted (undercover) from next week or the week after. So, basically, I am nurturing compost. The 2 trays on the right are cabbage, so I’m doing something right.